After almost four years fighting to carry out this illusion that has been The Traveler Art, we are forced to change our strategy, releasing the artists from their commitment to us.

We stopped selling his art and focused on our own design, LetraMap.

The personal and professional circumstances of the partners force us to do so, because everything you see in this store has been the result of the time given by the partners beyond their own professions. If you are looking for any of the artists we have had, we recommend that you look for their own websites where they can give you more information on where you can buy their art.

The change is going to be gradual, so you will still see artwork of some of them. We can only thank all of them for the trust they have placed in this beautiful project and invite you to browse the LetraMap collection.



Choose your poster from more than 100 cities; and select the style, size and finish that you like the most.