Carlos Arriaga in his studio

"Everything I do is part of the illusion to change the established points of views, to represent the environment in a different way."

Carlos Arriaga

Carlos Arriaga, recreates worlds through photography intervented with painting. His unique works offer a new point of view, a transformation of the environment, with a different way of perceiving our daily world. The reality that is born in his works is surprising. Born in Madrid this authentic urbanite is in love with New York and London where he received much of his education.
Photographer since youth, he has worked for the best magazines and advertising agencies in Madrid and has made professional trips to more than 30 countries around the world.

His personal work field was always experimenting between painting and photography with very different techniques and themes. Since 1997 he has worked on great oil paintings on canvas, always reinterpreting personal photographs.

He has worked in parallel with these two professions until he discovered the technique of oil painting on photography on canvas, finally his two passions in a simbiosis. It was the year 2014. From 1985 to 2017 he has participated in solo and group exhibitions in different galleries, museums and organizations in Spain and in New York.

He has been nominated in several important photography and painting contests.


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