Collection: CLARA LEON

Clara Leon Illustrator painting in her studio

Her first approach to painting was a landscape course given by Antonio Zarco in Priego de Córdoba. He said of her "She has great intuition for image composition but a strange sense of color".

She studied Fine Arts at the Universidad Complutense (Madrid).
She has developed her work as an artist and graphic designer in the most diverse and colorful situations.

She can also read and write and hop for a more than reasonable period of time.

Her work is in private collections in Madrid, Barcelona, Santander, Mallorca, Paris, London, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Rio, Lisbon, New York, Charleston, and Miami.

Her illustrations can be seen in magazines like Icon, Telva,, Letras Libres, TimeOut Madrid, Cinemanía, Minerva, 20minutos.