paloma escudero portrait

I am a painter and plastic artist, graduated in Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid.

I belong to a family full of artists.

My career and research has focused on two large fields: urban landscapes and portraits, using the acrylic technique, and developing a figurative style that some critics have described as "very expressive and personal" of "modernity evocative of American realism".

My landscapes, mainly urban, are "portraits of cities" that recreate the atmosphere, and above all the relationship between architecture and its reflections. Lisbon, Madrid and New York are the cities that have inspired me the most, delving into some of their most significant elements. Such is the case of the Lisbon trams, the streets, the terraces and roofs, the railway lines or the urban transport, the Gran Vía in Madrid, Central Park or the bridges of New York, transformed into “characters” of my gaze.