Collection: RAFA SAÑUDO

Rafa Sañudo portarit photo possing with a cat

Rafa is a designer and art director who relates the different facets of his work through his great passion: illustration.

Bachelor of Arts in Film and Set Design from USC, in Los Angeles, has worked as art director for Tim Robbins, John Cusack, Roger Corman, Catherine Hardwicke ...

Since his return to Spain in 1990, he has devoted himself to illustration in different print media such as La Razón, Siruela, El Mundo, Vogue, etc.

He has designed more than 400 covers, among which are artists such as Alejando Sanz, Miguel Bosé, Marlango, María Jiménez, etc. In addition, he has made more than 300 music video clips, winning in 2011 the award for Best Video Clip of the Year at the Spanish Music Awards and was a finalist in the last edition of the Latin Grammy.

His work extends to very diverse disciplines such as the storyboards he made for the Coen brothers in Fargo or the costume illustrations for The Big Lebowski.