Collection: RAUL

Raul illustrator painting in his studio

Since 1986 and for twelve years Raúl made illustrations for the newspaper El País, being sent in 1990 by this newspaper as a graphic correspondent to Russia; now he publishes interchangeably in the newspapers La Razón and La Vanguardia. Adding more than three decades of daily collaboration in the national press.

He has also worked in the field of cartoons (Filman, Cruz Delgado), graphic design (Ministry of Culture, Renfe), editorial illustration
(S.M., Alfaguara), the comic strip (Madriz, Medios Scrambled) or the sculpture (sculptural pieces for the Spin communications tower in Shanghai, central sculpture of the Lillas Pastiá restaurant in Huesca).

Carrying out abundant graphic work at the same time and giving conferences and workshops in universities and private centers in Spain, France, Colombia or Mexico.