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Imma Serrano self portrait drawing

"I feel happy when I draw"

I draw almost compulsively every day. And I do it in a notebook.

I've always carried one in my bag for so many years that I don't even remember, and on it I leave a trace of everything I want to stay with me: things that happen to me, people I've met, places I've been, people's stories from the street… I have discovered that nothing in the world makes me happier than drawing the life around me.

I am very lucky that these graphic diaries have allowed me to visit places where I would not have been otherwise, to exhibit in Italy and France, for example. Travel to South America or Asia and share my passion for drawing with many people. I am very lucky that some of these graphic reports have appeared illustrating pages of books and articles in written press in newspapers and magazines, or have even been part of the credits in documentary cinema. In this way, the stories I draw are no longer just mine, now they belong to many more people.

I mistreat my notebooks when they go with me, but once I finish them, I keep them with zeal, I treasure them. They are part of me. Within them is much of who I am. Sometimes memory can fail ... Luckily I still have those pages, witnesses of my whole life.


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