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Hello from Montreal, Quebec, Canada! My name is Leslie Parsons, and I'm a graphic designer. I spend all day on my computer creating logos, game packaging, UI designs... When I was younger I wanted to be an architect, then a cartoonist, way before Photoshop and personal computers came along. It's taken 30 years for me to put away the laptop and rediscover pen and paper (and now watercolor).

My old love of comics and architecture has totally merged into a cartoony, urban sketching style that gets looser and looser as I worry less about perfection — counting bricks and windows — and instead work to capture the personality of a storefront or building. Especially when I'm on holiday in Prague or Budapest and my wife isn't willing to wait 2 hours while I get the cathedral 'just right'.

These prints include retro Japanese storefronts (I love visiting Tokyo), and local Montreal buildings, especially in winter.

My paintings, sketches and process videos can be found on Instagram at @montrealsketcher. If you see something there you think SHOULD be a print, please let my friends of The Traveler Art.

Leslie Parsons