LetraMap™: Design your own custom map poster

Personalize a poster with the initials of your favorite places and celebrate the moments and memories you have lived there.

Choose the letters that you want to include on the map and customize the location, color and texts, to create the perfect poster for your home or as a unique and special gift.

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How to personalize your LetraMap™ Poster


Search for the letters that fit the name of your desired place.

If you can't find them, you can always use the initial letter or much better, ask us for that combination and we'll upload it so you can play with the map of your favorite place.

We show you examples in the store with some places but you can always change in the editor the map that goes within the letters, the title and the tagline with your preferred text.

If you can't find the letter combination you need, send us a message to request it. We will design and upload the new poster within 48 hours. you will be notified when it is available


1 - Set the map

Now that you have the letters, position the map inside them. Zoom it in, zoom in out or drag it around, until you like the way it looks.

The map reflects mostly streets and roads, so if you are looking for places with few streets and roads the map will show up cleaner that with a big city.

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2 - Write the Headline.

It's time to write the headline you like. Every time you search for a place, the editor suggests its name by default, but you can type whatever you want.

3 - Write the Tagline... or not ;-)

You can complete the poster design by writing a text, about a lasting memory lived there if you wish. "Where It All Began", "Coachella 2023"...

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4 - More than 15 color combinations and 5 fonts to choose.


5 - Size + Rolled Paper, Framed Paper, Hanger or Canvas

Create your own
  • Paper - No Frame


  • Paper + Wood Frame

    Black - White - Natural

  • Paper + Wood Hanger

    Black - White - Natural

  • Canvas + Wood Frame

    Black - White - Natural